Shelf is Paolo Cardullo’s algorithmic project (2007 – date). Primarily, it shows how derivative is intellectual work by juxtaposing the work he has done with a clever WordPress plugin, Zotpress

This makes Shelf very different from a List of Publications or an academic CV. Zotpress uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect kiddingthecity to Paolo’s evolving Zotero database: little need to type anything here cool

Zotero is a Free and Open Source, cross-platform, reference manager that integrates with your browser and word processor – it offers now a ‘My Publications’ folder which is automatically published to your Zotero profile page, see mine here →→→ see my entire Zotero library

Kiddingthecity has been providing Open Access since 2007 under   Creative Commons →→→ see my projects on Open Science Framework →→→ check ORCID: they’ve done my metadata scraping for you: →→→ my full academic CV is here

Zotpress and Me

What I have been reading (some) Some of the readings most recently added to My Zotero here rendered through the ZotPress plug-in Thanks For Browsing!kiddingthecity...


#OCTV  Art installation with CCTV cameras at Goldsmiths University of London. 2013In conversation with media artist James Steven from the collective SPC, I curated an installation with CCTV...

Open Wireless Network

Open Wireless Network  Community wi-fi mesh in Deptford, London (2008-2014 ca.)OWN was a mesh of Wi-Fi radios set up by James Stevens and SPC in 2008 in Deptford, London SE8, an innercity...

Soft Infrastructure of Decidim

Decidim Barcelona  We studied the Soft Infrastructure of the digital platform. Published under Creative Commons in Computational Culture Issue 9 (July 2023).  Paolo Cardullo, Ramon...

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kiddingthecity is…


…a webspace created by Paolo Cardullo in 2007 during his PhD at Goldsmiths University of London. It has gone through a few updates building up on new projects and publications