Shelf is Paolo Cardullo’s algorithmic project (2007 – date). Primarily, it shows how derivative is intellectual work by juxtaposing the work he has done with a clever WordPress plugin, Zotpress

This makes Shelf very different from a List of Publications or an academic CV. Zotpress uses an Application Programming Interface (API) to connect kiddingthecity to Paolo’s evolving Zotero database: little need to type anything here cool

Zotero is a Free and Open Source, cross-platform, reference manager that integrates with your browser and word processor – it offers now a ‘My Publications’ folder which is automatically published to your Zotero profile page, see mine here →→→ see my entire Zotero library

Kiddingthecity has been providing Open Access since 2007 under   Creative Commons →→→ see my projects on Open Science Framework →→→ check ORCID: they’ve done my metadata scraping for you: →→→ my full academic CV is here

Open Wireless Network

Open Wireless Network  Community wi-fi mesh in Deptford, London (2008-2014 ca.)OWN was a mesh of Wi-Fi radios set up by James Stevens and SPC in 2008 in Deptford, London SE8, an innercity...


#OCTV  Art installation with CCTV cameras at Goldsmiths University of London. 2013In conversation with media artist James Steven from the collective SPC, I curated an installation with CCTV...

Zotpress and Me

What I have been reading (some) Some of the readings most recently added to My Zotero here rendered through the ZotPress plug-in Thanks For Browsing!kiddingthecity...

Soft Infrastructure of Decidim

Decidim Barcelona  We studied the Soft Infrastructure of the digital platform. Published under Creative Commons in Computational Culture Issue 9 (July 2023).  Paolo Cardullo, Ramon...

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kiddingthecity is…


…a webspace created by Paolo Cardullo in 2007 during his PhD at Goldsmiths University of London. It has gone through a few updates building up on new projects and publications