Citizens in the Smart City

This is my monograph published in 2021 by Routledge and edited during the first lock-down…

Book Endorsements

Many thanks to the amazing scholars who provided their time to read and comment on my work: Citizens in the ‘Smart City’. Participation, Co-production, Governance. (2021) Routledge

The book would not have existed without the scholarly contribution they made to the ‘smart city’ and related fields… I was lucky to work with some of them or meet others in conferences and events around the world…


Algorithmic project (2007 – date)

It shows how derivative is intellectual work by juxtaposing the work I have done so far with a clever WordPress plugin, Zotpress.  This connects kiddingthecity to my evolving Zotero library: little need to type anything here


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Edited collections and book chapters, invited talks and blog posts, self-made videos and photobooks…

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Paolo Cardullo @kiddingthecity

Principal Investigator at IN3, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona — Beatriu de Pinòs, Marie-Curie Action cofund: Grant no. 2018 BP 00068. Project title: Technological Sovereignty through and beyond Barcelona Smart City. Award ending in April 2023

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…a webspace created by Paolo Cardullo in 2007 during his PhD at Goldsmiths University of London. It has gone through a few updates building up on new projects and publications