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With Rob Kitchin and Cesare Di Feliciantonio, a book collecting the contributions of the amazing scholars who gathered at Maynooth University in September 2017  for our final symposium of  The Programmable City

Contributors question whether the need for order, and the priorities of capital and property rights of the Smart City, trump individual and collective liberty

Edited Collections

  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.) London: City of Paradox, N. 3 CMRB online series

  • (2014) Cardullo, P., Gupta, R., Hakim, J. (eds.)  Sociology, Politics, Thinking and Acting: A Festschrift for Nira Yuval-Davis, N. 2 CMRB online series

Book Reviews



  • Interview for Dublin Enquirer, 02/2021

  • Citizens in the “Smart City”: Participation, Co-production and Governance, Extended book blurb IN3 UOC 10/2020

  • Data Citizens. Expert Interview Series: Data Cultures and Smart Cities. Faculty of Arts. University of Melbourne, 01/2021 →→→ see an extract here where I explain the ‘Scaffold of Smart Citizens Participation’ (Cardullo & Kitchin 2019)

  • The Internet of People (IoP) strikes back, Minim 06/2020

  • Interview for Expansion, 04/2020

  • Interview for OUC News, 04/2020

  • Satire Allowed, article for New Left Project, 2015

  • One year collaboration to Sociology Lens, Wiley – Blackwell Publishing, 2009

Art Installations

  • (2013) #OCTV in collaboration with James Stevens @ spc, at the International Visual Sociology Association annual conference, Goldsmiths University of London. Dataset available from SocArXiv.


Short Films

Photo Competitions (shortlisted)

  • Migration, COMPAS Oxford 2011 & 2012
  • Dignity, Human Rights Centre at Essex University, 2011
  • What is Crime? at 198 Gallery London, 2009
  • Cycle photo-diary, Greenwich Council, 2007

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What I have been reading (some) Some of the readings most recently added to My Zotero here rendered through the ZotPress plug-in Thanks For Browsing!kiddingthecity...


#OCTV  Art installation with CCTV cameras at Goldsmiths University of London. 2013In conversation with media artist James Steven from the collective SPC, I curated an installation with CCTV...

Open Wireless Network

Open Wireless Network  Community wi-fi mesh in Deptford, London (2008-2014 ca.)OWN was a mesh of Wi-Fi radios set up by James Stevens and SPC in 2008 in Deptford, London SE8, an innercity...

Soft Infrastructure of Decidim

Decidim Barcelona  We studied the Soft Infrastructure of the digital platform. Published under Creative Commons in Computational Culture Issue 9 (July 2023).  Paolo Cardullo, Ramon...

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